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Welcome to Rettig’s Gymnastics Training Center. We are dedicated to providing a safe environment for children to explore the enjoyment of physical activity through the sport of gymnastics. Our program is designed to increase the child’s self esteem and confidence as well as to develop strength, coordination and balance. We offer a full range of classes for boys and girls; students are grouped together according to their age and ability.

We specialize in the excitement of learning.

Our Staff

The staff at Rettig’s Gymnastics Training Center have an extensive background in the sport of gymnastics. We believe that learning never stops. Our instructors attend conferences and clinics throughout the year to learn the latest techniques and methods of teaching. All coaches are safety certified and background checked through USA-Gymnastics.

Our Facility

State of the art women’s and men’s olympic equipment, trampoline, and an in-ground foam pit. Additional mats and equipment that are designed to make learning easier and safer for preschool and school age children.

About Rettig’s Gymnastics

Rettigs Gymnastics offers several different toddler and preschool age classes which are designed to help children develop their fundamental movement skills. Our classes enable children to experience a variety of age appropriate physical activities designed to enhance and develop gross motor skills, coordination, social interaction, cooperation, basic gymnastic progressions, following direction and gym safety in a fun atmosphere.

  • Motor skill development
  • Social skill development
  • Intellectual development and brain growth
  • Self-esteem and Confidence builder
  • Flexibility, balance and rhythm
  • Sharing and following directions
  • Memory improvement & Focus
  • Strength, agility, speed

At Rettigs gymnastics we will help your child develop and build self-esteem. Children learn to trust in their own beliefs and to make decisions based on their own perceptions.



  • When I ask my children to describe Rettigs Gym they answer: "Gymnastics! FUN! Friends!!" Our family has trained at Rettigs for over 8 years. During that time, we've enjoyed watching our daughters' self-confidence grow and skills sharpen. The instructors provide excellent training and are fantastic role models for perseverance and teamwork. Rettigs is the place for a serious, but extremely positive experience because of the leadership of the Rettig family. Except no imitations. I would recommend Rettig's for any skill or strength level.

    Laura KellerParent
  • Our daughter has been at Rettigs since she was five years old. As she heads into high school, we are confident that the life lessons, relationships and love of the sport have all been cultivated in this gym. Rettigs coaches inspire their girls to be standing on that podium, but what they are teaching daily will serve the team long after the ribbons and medals have gone away.

    Bill and Keri ConklingParents
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